March 1

A Thought: Throwback Thursday Thought! This was taken three years ago for NW AR Chilirea(sp?) fundraiser. Our theme was “ HilliChili,” as we were entering with Hillbilly Hilliards’ special recipe. We had a lot of fun that day. I was wearing a dress from my Senior play in High School and sporting my Dad’s old wooden pipe. Kara and Katie had old clothes and Tony dresses like that every time he goes canoeing!
When life comes at you in a hectic pace, it’s important to take a moment and laugh, not take yourself so seriously, and find a way to celebrate life in a spiritually healthy way. The weekend is coming—what will you do that promotes good, being a blessing to others, while having a little fun?
Have a Thankful Thursday, all! “ As you have done unto others, you have done unto Me.” Mt. 25:35

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