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March 23

A Thought: 24 Hrs. Within these next 24 hrs, I will: Get Lainey-Bug hugs and kisses; deliver her new Easter dress, washed and ironed; her brand new sandals for summer play; and her new Minnie Mouse Easter basket filled with her favorite things. In 24 hrs, I will visit with my daughters and husbands, catching up on their lives and […]

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March 22

A Thought: “What did you do to observe Lent?” I asked. My older daughter, Katie, replied, “ To have a more grateful heart.” I LOVE that! Intentionally, instead of griping about something bad that just happened, she is looking for the blessing. And into the sixth week of doing this, she has found it has changed her perspective about life. […]

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March 21

A Thought: As we draw closer to Holy Week, I reflect on all the events Jesus felt important to participate. He still took opportunities to teach, heal, connect in fellowship around the table, and even in His last steps toward the Cross, He was thinking of others and not Himself. Indeed, even in His last breaths, crucified and almost dead, […]

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March 20

A Thought: This has to be one of my all-time favorite childhood photos. These two women were my world. They shaped my faith and my hope for living life in this world. You see the love and adoration in my facial expression. I inherited the shape of their hands and fingers. I cannot tell you as I miss them, how […]

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March 19

A Thought: Lightning. When I was a little girl, I thought God was not happy with me and everyone else, whenever it thundered with lightning. Now, I know it has more to do with cooler air colliding with warmer air due to weather fronts moving through the region. But, this morning of a new week, as I am greeted by […]

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March 18

A Thought: Renewal. Today is a day set aside for Renewal. People will be doing that in a variety of ways. Some will do that with much needed time with family on this spring break. Others will gather at church and renew their faith friendships. While still others, will be renewed in quiet. Every year, God renews His Creation in […]

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