February 9

A Thought: Play the Music! Wherever you are, whatever your mood, play the music! I grew up with parents who had music playing in some form or other…a lot. Whether Pavarotti; Guy Lombardo; or Broadway musical soundtracks; or of course, Christmas Carols at Christmas—-music filled the house and lifted the spirits. Dad played drums and trumpet: Mom played the piano. I followed suit playing the piano (but not near the competency of Mom) and was pretty good with the flute. I love ‘70’s music the best as the associations with those songs of happy and growing years are strong, but have a deep love for classical and big band of the ‘40’s, and at times, soft jazz. Yesterday at a Bar Association reception, the ‘70’s music was playing and Tony and I both found ourselves dancing a step or two—couldn’t restrain responding to the beat!
Today allow the music of life to lift your spirit and elicit your joy,as you have a fantastic Friday! Ps. 150:4 “So we will play our songs on stringed instruments all the days of our lives.”

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