February 27

A Thought: The Things of Which People are Concerned. Human behavior reveals so much of what people find themselves concerned. You can tell right away in your observations, if someone is focused upon health, being attractive, being organized, etc. As you listen to people, you find pretty quickly their level of stress they are experiencing. Much of this is due to focus on self: “I’m not getting my needs met.” Other stress is felt by focus on others: “This is not just; healthy; wise; etc.”
How did Jesus handle similar concerns? I cannot find a time in the Bible when Jesus didn’t pray, quote the Word, keep silent, or reveal Truth, whenever confronted with personal or relational concerns. Intervention is best when it involves the Holy Spirit. Invite the Spirit to resolve your concerns(or those of others) today. Have a terrific Tuesday!
“God will perfect everything that concerns you.” Psalm 138:8

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