February 10

A Thought: From the Heart. This was taken about 24 years ago. Katie and I were wearing T-shirts we “painted” for our vacation. Tony took this pic and who knows what Kara was doing! Doing projects together, taking little trips, and getting together for any occasion, insures there are going to be conversations from the heart. I miss those times when the children were with us and we were SO busy with all their activities along with our work, but I LOVE where we are today—-healthy, good jobs, two wonderful sons(in-love), very nice homes, great friendships, and fabulous churches. This is heart-healthy month. It targets physical health of the heart, but certainly as important are emotional and spiritual states of the heart. Have a conversation from the heart with God today, as well as, someone whom you need to reach out with care. Have a Super Saturday! “ Ephes. 5:19
“Speak to one another with … songs from the Spirit.”

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