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February 28

A Thought: Up a Tree. Sometimes you just have to climb a little higher to get a more heavenly view. You’re hanging your head or wringing your hands with your troubles. Lift up that head! Open up those hands in praise! The Lord is with you! But if you’re so bogged down in anxious thoughts, you cannot receive the help […]

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February 27

A Thought: The Things of Which People are Concerned. Human behavior reveals so much of what people find themselves concerned. You can tell right away in your observations, if someone is focused upon health, being attractive, being organized, etc. As you listen to people, you find pretty quickly their level of stress they are experiencing. Much of this is due […]

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February 26

A Thought: Taking Advantage. Today the weather will be nice and so will tomorrow’s weather. Yesterday, lots of people were taking advantage of a rain-free day. Some will do the same today, even if just taking a few moments outside at lunch. It’s just a reminder to us, nothing remains forever—-not financial, health, or relationship concerns. Due to prayer, attitude, […]

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February 25

A Thought: Turning Toward Your Destiny. Luke 9: 51-54 states Jesus took the necessary steps toward Jerusalem, where He would experience glory in one moment and torture in the next. Life can make drastic changes as we head toward our purpose. But if we are truly fulfilling our Purpose, not even death can ‘separate us from the love of God […]

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February 23

A Thought: Flooding. What is flooding your life right now? Debt? Conflict? Health Issues? The one thing about flooding—you gotta’ go to higher ground. Take your ‘floods’ to the higher ground of prayer and faith in the Lord. Works every time! Prayers for safe travel everyone! I’m headed north to see little one! Have a Fabulous Friday! Isaiah 54:9 “For […]

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February 22

A Thought: Rebound! You have a mood change. You need a ‘lift.’ You find yourself affected by others’ attitudes or energies or words. What do you do? Find a way to ‘rebound!’ Comfort yourself with prayer; company or conversation with a trusted person; read an inspirational Word from the Lord. You will rebound like a tall Razorback leaping up to […]

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