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January 8

A Thought: Mercy. Where in your life do you need Mercy? Could you use it in your health? Your relationship with someone? And to whom or where in your life should you practice a little mercy? God gives us His Mercy in some form every single day. As we are in a His image, I suppose we should make it […]

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January 7

A Thought: Epiphany Sunday. An epiphany is something revealed to you that becomes so real, it becomes a part of you. Today I will preach on the Magi having that kind of experience in Christ. And as we partake of Holy Communion, we will experience the manifestation of Christ in a continuum of that experience. What better way to celebrate […]

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January 6

A Thought: Share. What can you share today? Encouragement to someone would be good. We pass homeless persons everyday—so maybe a blanket. Or a McDonalds value meal. A kind and compassionate word would be great accompanied with it. We are pretty adept at sharing our opinions, thoughts, even judgments. The world has enough of that and less of what could […]

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January 5

A Thought: Stuff Happens. You can count on it. Every day. Good Stuff. Not so Good Stuff. It happened for Jesus, too. Every day. What did He do? Remained the same , whichever way it went. True to self. True to God. Direct, but kind. Resolution without alienation. Could He turn everyone toward loving Him? No. But in the Cross, […]

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January 4

A Thought: Gird in the Word. What is your hope for today? Resolution to something? More productivity? Peace? I have found if I just read a scripture of importance to me; say a prayer; and let it (whatever “it” is) be laid at the feet of Jesus, it’s all good. Try it. Can’t hurt. Will probably help…a great deal. Have […]

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January 3

A Thought: Check-Ups. “Stick out your tongue.” And they look in your ears; listen to your heart; talk to you for five minutes; and they’re gone. While you may gripe that all of this took over an hour of your work day for five minutes, it’s actually great that you’re well enough you didn’t need more time with the doctor; […]

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