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January 29

A Thought: It’s the Little Things. I woke up seeing the stars peeking through the trees. It was a great greeting card this morning from My Creator. I instantly smiled at the sight of their beauty. In the grand scheme of things, it’s the little things, not the big ones, that add to our life. The art is in the […]

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January 27

A Thought: Imagine. Imagine what you want most in your life. The Very Most. What is stopping you from realizing that hope and desire? Jesus told us all we have to do is Believe. But in that Belief, we have to do a bit of work. We have to pray for the Spirit’s conviction to be affirmed in our heart […]

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January 26

A Thought: Your Gifts. Your God-Given gifts are so important and should be used daily and shared for the blessing of others. Reflect and ask yourself what are your gifts. Do you have gifts of love and compassion; or diplomacy and discernment? Maybe your gifts are abilities to be organized, motivated and productive. For others, their gifts are being authentic, […]

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January 25

A Thought: My favorite Scripture for a Reason. It says it all: Trust. Submit. God Loves and Guides. Have a Thankful Thursday!

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January 24

A Thought: This is Your Day! This day you have a new opportunity to make things right. This day you have the power to do what is before you to do. This day you have the moment to make a difference…because this day you have the Energy, Wisdom, and Peace of the Spirit within you when your focus is on […]

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January 22

A Thought: Praying for Those You Don’t Know. Today I am praying for the souls and their families left behind, who have died from this flu epidemic. It is so heartbreaking to hear of once vibrant souls living out their lives, who suddenly become ill, and medicines cannot overcome it. The latest data I found was 179 have died this […]

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