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December 14

A Thought: Growth. Our little ‘ Elf on the shelf’ can now reach the shelf. This was taken last year. What a difference a year makes, not only in our physical growth but also our spiritual growth. The holidays seem an especially difficult time to deal with stresses in our lives. Everyone else seems to be joyous and carefree in […]

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December 13

A Thought: Each Day Find Your Hope. For some, last night’s election in Alabama, is their hope. For others, awaiting results from tests, prompts hope. Still others, feel hope with each completed treatment. Just passing through another day, may lend others hope about their future in their marriage or job. Hope is an excellent gift to possess and essential to […]

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December 12

A Thought: Today holds Healing. Today someone needs their heart to be soothed and healed. Today someone needs their body to be healed. Another needs their marriage healed or their relationship with their child. Yet, another needs healing in their job. If you are human, then you experience brokenness somewhere in your life. Healing is just a prayer away. Just […]

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December 11

A Thought: How do you feel Christmas when this happens? Raging fires and mega loss. Highway random shootings. Pipe bomb in busy transportation system. Crooked politics. Sexual assault. Human trafficking. It’s just all SO sad, depressing, and burdening to the human spirit. And that list doesn’t even include the personal sadness or conflict you may be facing in your life. […]

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December 10

A Thought: Peace. This is the Gift of Christ we celebrate this second Sunday of Advent. Peace is elusive if we depend upon the world or worldly things or even, people to be the source of our peace. True peace is only experienced in a sustain way by knowing Christ and following His ways. And when you encounter negativity, conflict, […]

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December 4

A Thought: It’s not snow, but plow right through it! Everyone of us has days, for one reason or another, that are especially taxing( especially if you are getting sick!) Yesterday was one of those days: Preaching 2 out of 3 services; an unexpected invitation to lunch with friends—one of which I hadn’t seen in many years; teaching a Confirmation […]

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