December 28

A Thought: Keep Christmas Going.
Maybe your decorations are coming down; all the goodies are gone; the lights are dimmed or out; and all the presents opened and no longer under the tree. It can all make you a bit sad. So how do you keep the Spirit of Christmas going? I believe the best way to do that is focus on the lights and presents from God daily and be thankful. God’s special lights of the moon, sun, and stars. The light in someone’s smile or twinkling eyes cannot hold a candle to lights on a tree. The presents from God in someone’s kindness or unexpected surprise in nature, is just the best to unwrap!
On Christmas Eve as we looked at the carol, “O Come All Ye Faithful,” I challenged the congregation: “How will you ‘Come and Adore Him’ into the coming year every day?
May we all discover wonderful ways to experience Christmas everyday as we adore Him!” Have a Thankful Thursday! Ps. 146:2
“I will sing praises to my God until my last breath. “

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