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December 29

A Thought: Almost Here, Yet Just a Day! We put a lot of focus on special days like New Year’s Day. Yet as we view life by faith instead of a calendar, our life is one continuous eternal experience with God. We have found it helpful, comfortable, and manageable to view life in time increments. May this New Year be […]

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December 28

A Thought: Keep Christmas Going. Maybe your decorations are coming down; all the goodies are gone; the lights are dimmed or out; and all the presents opened and no longer under the tree. It can all make you a bit sad. So how do you keep the Spirit of Christmas going? I believe the best way to do that is […]

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December 25

A Thought: THANKFUL! There are not enough words or ways to express the gratitude I have for the Staff, Altar Guild, Communion Stewards; Ushers; Chancel And Celebration Choirs with soloists and instrumentalists, who all made our 4 services yesterday go so well. On this Christmas Day, celebrate the love of Christ by doing one loving thing for another. Thank You, […]

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December 23

A Thought: Life is meant for Dancing and Twirling! May your Christmas add a spring to your step with your favorite dance partner! Merry Christmas Eve Eve! 2 Sam. 6:14 “And David danced before the Lord with all his might.”

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December 22

A Thought: Carols. What’s your favorite carol? Mine is “There’s a Song in the Air.” Some carols stir warm memories in us; others have a great melody; still others tell the story of Christ’s birth. We’ll look at the scriptural inspiration behind the Carol, “O Come All Ye Faithful” on Sunday night, Christmas Eve, as we read from Luke 2. […]

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December 21

A Thought: Precious People. Holidays are the best, especially when you spend them with the persons who are most precious to you. Our family will gather for a pre-Christmas celebration so a certain little one can be home Christmas morning for 🎅🏻. It’ll be the first Christmas Eve and early morning we won’t be all together. But you learn to adjust […]

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