November 27

A Thought: Gradual Light. After dinner last night, I walked the neighborhood. It was fun to see it come alive with the gradual lighting of the houses. More were lit than the day before,
And it was interesting to see the various creative ways people had decided in which to design their decorative lights. In our faith, their is a gradual light that is developing within for those who take their salvation and faith life seriously. Christ’s Light takes hold of our soul when we profess Him as our Savior. Over the course of our life, that light grows as we commit to nurturing our spirit through the Word, prayer, praise and fellowship and service with the Body of Christ. And before we know it, the Light within has begun to illumine our neighborhood around us. But we can’t share our Light if we are not growing in the Light.
Have a great Monday!
Jesus said, “I am the Light of the world.” John 8:12

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