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November 30

A Thought: Balance. This time of year, balance in your life can seem especially elusive. But, like anything else, to achieve it calls for inner strength, and intentional focus and faith. So, don’t let the holidays be a time for stress. Remember the reason we have holidays: Jesus. It doesn’t honor Him to be stressed or cause stress. Move forward […]

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November 29

A Thought: The Power of the Verse. There’s a popular fundraiser called ‘The Power of the Purse,’ in which beautiful and interesting designer bags are for auction. But articles of any kind wear out over time. Scriptures have proven to be timeless; each over the ages retaining their power in their truth. This scripture attached is one such example. Read […]

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November 28

A Thought: A Blanket. I sleep with a blanket that is white and furry. Angela gave us girls these blankets one Christmas. They are as soft and warm as they are comforting. When I watch tv in the living room, I also usually have a Razorback blanket over me, which ironically, Angela also gave the girls when they were at […]

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November 27

A Thought: Gradual Light. After dinner last night, I walked the neighborhood. It was fun to see it come alive with the gradual lighting of the houses. More were lit than the day before, And it was interesting to see the various creative ways people had decided in which to design their decorative lights. In our faith, their is a […]

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November 26

A Thought: Engage. You’ve heard ‘You get out of something what you put into it.” That is referring to several things: your attitude and mindset, as well as, your spirit. For instance, when you come to worship expecting a blessing, you will be blessed. Because God hears that prayer of your heart. God doesn’t want anyone to waste their time. […]

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November 25

A Thought: Growing. Looking over these pics of Laine Austin from 2015, 2016 and 2017 Christmas seasons, I see how much she’s grown. She is growing not only physically, but also intellectually and spiritually. Her mental growth is as evident as her physical growth, as she speaks in full sentences and asks lots of questions at two and a half […]

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