October 18

A Thought: I’m not famous.

I’m not special, except by God’s terms and in God’s eyes. Those “two words” trending by women now, also apply to my story. My experiences would be completely shocking to you, beginning to the best of my memory as a child with sexual gestures, but I was too young to understand. Then, at thirteen, going to school with full integration, I was sexually molested in the crammed crowd, and only remember him quickly grabbing and swiftly camouflaged into the crowd. Never knew his name, but just remember he took a bit of my innocence that day. As a teenager, a doctor gave an irrelevant portion of my check-up. I kept quiet. In adulthood, sexual remarks and conversations, even actions and words were directed to me by men in positions of power. It felt like a test—to challenge my integrity of my calling and ministerial intentions. I often felt harassment due to my gender. When shared in the past, there were repercussions. So why even mention it now? Perhaps, someone will be more sensitive and more cautious after reading this—�that even if a clergy woman can experience this, that perhaps there is carelessness being practiced when masked in ‘just kidding.’ I have shared all my experiences of this nature with Tony who has silently suffered with me through these, as clergy spouses also suffer consequences when coming to the defense of their spouse. I hold no grudges, just painful memories, with hope that things will change for the better for my own two year-old granddaughter. As for my own grown daughters, it’s too late—they’ve already earlier been subjected to the ignorant and unwanted behavior of others in instances of sexual harassment. But they are strong women married to wonderfully caring men, and my daughters have been taught to speak up and not tolerate any inappropriate behavior. May God enable us to forgive, but be wise enough never to forget.

1 John 4 “ God is Love.”


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  1. Ann Pierce says:

    My heart aches for you dear friend

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