October 17

A Thought: God Loves You Enough to Bring Change into Your Life!
Can you imagine waking up everyday to the same thing? You have the same pjs; the same breakfast; the same clothes to wear for the day; the same weather; the scenery around you never changes; you never meet someone new or make a new friend; and you do the exact same thing every single day. Now granted, we are grateful for food and clothing that others would be thrilled to know they would have that day. But as much as we complain about the adjustments which accompany change, most of us realize change is both healthy and welcome. God created life to contain change, so let’s go with the flow today—work with change that is appropriate; be bold in righteous action toward change which is not appropriate; and listen carefully to the Holy Spirit whenever you experience change to guide your response to it. For the change may just be Divinely inspired and created, awaiting your response.
Rom. 8:28 “All things work together for good…”

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