October 12

A Thought: Gifts.

These two children’s antique desks were donated to the HOG ON THE HILL silent auction on Sunday, 4-7 at Asbury, by Patty Shoemaker. Generosity is a marvelous thing. You have made a choice to step out in faith beyond your own needs by helping a greater need. Many volunteers are giving generously of their time, talent, money and energy to make this event great. Even if it rains, we’re covered by bringing it all inside. Even the children’s festival with petting zoo, will be under cover.
Today, how will you be generous to someone in need? In faith, know your Heavenly Father will always take care of your needs, even as you sacrifice to alleviate someone else’s need.

Mt. 7:12 “In everything, then, do to others as you would have them do to you.”

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