October 10

A Thought: Maybe today is a special day—you’ve got something going on you’ve been looking forward to or a project is coming to a close or you’re going to see a friend for lunch.
But maybe today holds something unpleasant you have to do; a conversation you have to have; a task you dread. Whatever you are fairly sure your day is going to hold, it’s still going to be a glorious day! Why? 1) You are¬†alive and have been given the GIFT of another day; 2) You are not alone–you have friends, family, and always have, God with you. 3)You have all your basic needs met. 4) And you were created with great purpose! So, go live out your day the best you can and take God with you as you pray, believe, live, and love!
Isaiah 45:2 “I will go before you and make the rough places smooth.”


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