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October 18

A Thought: I’m not famous. I’m not special, except by God’s terms and in God’s eyes. Those “two words” trending by women now, also apply to my story. My experiences would be completely shocking to you, beginning to the best of my memory as a child with sexual gestures, but I was too young to understand. Then, at thirteen, going […]

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October 17

A Thought: God Loves You Enough to Bring Change into Your Life! Can you imagine waking up everyday to the same thing? You have the same pjs; the same breakfast; the same clothes to wear for the day; the same weather; the scenery around you never changes; you never meet someone new or make a new friend; and you do […]

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October 16

A Thought: Thankful. It’s the morning after our huge day yesterday, and my heart is full of thanks for all who contributed from our church and community to make Hog on the Hill such a great day. I know the results will be blessed, just as the weather, help from everyone, and the fellowship were all blessed. I know in […]

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October 15

A Thought: A Big Day. Today is a wonderfully big day for me! It’s Laity Sunday, so I get to worship instead of preach and lead worship. My soul will be spirit-filled by the anointed wisdom and grace shared by Baker and Ruston. Tony is singing a solo, which I always enjoy. And of course, it’s Hog on the Hill […]

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October 14

A Thought: Not ready for Hollywood quite yet, but the Faith Matters with Mallory Brooks of Channel 4 was great to give our Church’s Hog on the Hill some wonderful publicity. (See link just posted to my timeline). What are you ‘publicizing’ in your choices? Faith? Friendliness? Fitness? Passion for life? Humility or helpfulness? How you live your life makes […]

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October 12

A Thought: Gifts. These two children’s antique desks were donated to the HOG ON THE HILL silent auction on Sunday, 4-7 at Asbury, by Patty Shoemaker. Generosity is a marvelous thing. You have made a choice to step out in faith beyond your own needs by helping a greater need. Many volunteers are giving generously of their time, talent, money […]

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