September 3

A Thought: Is it Real?

How many times have you seen something and asked whether it’s real? Artificial flowers or plants; Decaf or ‘real’ coffee; sugar free or sugar filled; leather or vinyl; fur or faux —the list goes on. Manufacturers of every kind have become experts in fooling the public; maybe saving some money or calories; simply by improving their imitations.
We ask that of our faith, too. Is Jesus the real Son of God or just a really nice guy and prophet? People have asked that for centuries.
Well, the accepted Word of God plans for, predicts and prophesies, delivers and then, witnesses again over and over various post crucifixion sightings and miracles. But the Bible will not prove your every doubt you will ever have. Because God wants you to have Faith not just facts. Today we will celebrate the fact of sacrifice for a man’s life which gives believers faith in their eternal life.
What a great day it is!

Luke 22:19 “Do this in remembrance of Me.”

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