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Stone Soup- August 27

Ever think about why God invented things like fun, curiosity, sweat, love? Asbury Friends, As is our custom please see the following little tibbits from our Stone Soup Mission last Sunday.  As really is the case this time, please extend a church wide thank you for those who may not be on this e-mail list. I am going to start […]

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August 30

A Thought: Neighbors helping neighbors. National Guard, utility crews, Federal assistance groups, and independent individuals —all headed to the flood-affected area. Others are sending donations. Neighbors helping neighbors is always a great thing to do not only for the recipients but for those giving the assistance. Such acts not only help others, but gets the mind and focus off your […]

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August 29

A Thought: How Does Disaster affect you? Our hearts and prayers and donations are all headed to the flooded area. When disaster hits you, what do you do? Panic or Pray? Act or React? Become Overwhelmed or Conquer? Our natural instinct is to register what has happened with our emotions, but our survival instincts kick in and we do what […]

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August 28

A Thought: On any given day… I met someone a few weeks ago. We may or may not ever see each other again. What was remarkable was her assertive way of introducing herself, her pleasant presence, and her genuine (yet not in a nosy way), interest in me. Jesus did the same thing. He struck up a conversation, showed a […]

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August 27

A Thought: Celebrate! God created Sabbath as an intentional day set apart to celebrate our relationship with Him. Worship, prayer, and praise are all forms of celebration in the presence of the Body of Christ. Today at Asbury, we will celebrate 30 years of mission and ministry of our Christian learning and care of Little Rock’s children and families through […]

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August 26

A Thought: Plans and Prayers. This weekend you have plans. Here, it is going to be an almost perfect weekend(especially for August) for doing something outside. Our neighbors to the Southwest are having a perfect storm. So in our plans let us include prayers and in the aftermath, let us plan to send assistance. God bless us all! Philippians 4:6-7 […]

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