July 16

A Thought: Sunday Services.

Most of us grew up going to Sunday worship services. You didn’t miss church unless you were sick. Lots more reasons are given today for not attending worship, and for some, there’s almost an apathy. People find something wrong with the preacher, the music, the children’s dept or youth. It’s too hot; it’s too cold, etc. Sounds like an attitude issue to me.
I wasn’t always a preacher, and I remember some ministers and choir directors and program staff I didn’t like as well as others…but that didn’t keep me from worshiping Jesus or keep me away from my church family. I guess I needed the spiritual experience to keep me ‘grounded,’ and a constant in my life to thank my Lord.
Why do you go to church? What is keeping you from worship? Today we are going back to the ’50’s and explore just why people were in church and what the Church meant to them.

“I was glad when they said unto me, let us go into the house of the Lord.” Ps. 122:1

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