July 14

A Thought: What Makes You a Bit Uncomfortable?

I know several people who are introverts leading extrovert lives. How? They push themselves consistently out of their comfort zones. Why? They usually do it for ‘the greater good’ or ‘the bigger picture.’ Yesterday I did that by making the ‘Faith through the Decades’ video. While I didn’t particularly want to do that personally, I felt the greater effort was for sharing the Gospel in a fun and fresh way, which is what we will beĀ doing over this five-week period.
Today, if you face having to go beyond what is naturally comfortable to you, ask yourself if by ‘going there,’ if you are not doing something for a greater effort. And ask God for inner courage. God will not let you down, whether the appeal is for something large or small.

Have a blessed Friday!

“I will be with you always.” Matthew 28

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