June 24

A Thought: Restoration.

Back in the late ’80’s, I invested some money into restoring my grandfather’s last preaching car, a 1952 Rocket 88 Oldsmobile. I thoroughly enjoyed driving it in all of the churches and communities I served through the 90’s. But in 1999, it was clear it needed more work; the girls were not interested in having it in their future; and I was not willing to pour any more $$ in it. We sold it to a man in Whitehall who restored cars. I took the proceeds and¬†took the family on a trip to New York. As sad as I was to let it go–a very happy family memory was made. Restoring a tangible item needs constant maintenance. Christ restoring our soul is done in the act of our repentance. To stay the course of faithfulness, also needs ‘maintenance,’ of prayer, service to others, staying in the Word; and witness of compassion and kindness to this world. It’s a constant process, but unlike the car, it’s always worth it to pursue the maintenance til the end!

Happy Saturday!

Lamentation 3:23 “Great is his faithfulness; his mercies begin afresh each morning.”

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