June 14

A Thought: Trust.

When you trust someone or in some thing, you believe in their support of you—they will ‘have your back’ (or in a chair’s case, hold your bottom!). Trust is a fragile thing. We have to work consistently to earn others’ trust, and to continue to trust others. This is true because we are all flawed and human, and once trust is broken, it is hard to repair it to its original, pure state. That’s where prayer, desire to restore, forgiveness and grace come in. Long term patterns of breaking trust are going to be very difficult to reconcile and may not happen. Other moments may be a little easier, but necessary grace and understanding are needed to reconcile.
If you are in need of restoring trust in someone, Jesus can always be trusted in His Word and love to help you. He said, “Believe in Me, for if you trust Me, you are trusting not only Me, but also God who sent me. I will never forsake you.”

John 12:44 Think about talking to the Lord as you figure out how to heal the brokenness you may be experiencing.
Hope you have a wonderful Wednesday!

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