June 1

A Thought: The Power of Association.

So last night I was going through my playlist on my phone of songs I like. I had a strong memory association with 99% of them–the other 1% I just simply liked. The associations to the songs were either with the boy I was dating at the time; the times at the ZTA house; the summer vacations; the road trips with the girls; or songs of acts the girls were in Follies, etc. All are good memories. Associations and memories go across the board in our lives. We feel fairly strongly about someone or something due to our memory of them. Jesus taught us to be accepting and merciful concerning our opinion of others, lest we become judgmental. May the Lord enable you and me to create strong positive associations today as we live our day today in the steps of His love.

“You who are without sin, cast the first stone.” John 8:7 Happy Thursday!

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