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June 30

A Thought: Excited! This sweet family is coming to visit and say a ” Happy Early Birthday” to ‘firecracker Poppa T!” What are you excited about today? Chances are, it has everything to do with someone you love. LOVING and caring for someone makes all the difference in life moving from mundane to marvelous! Have a great Friday and weekend, […]

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June 29

A Thought: Excuses. ” I love God and I don’t have to go to church and worship God to be a Christian.” Have you ever heard this statement? I have, throughout my lifetime, more times than I care to remember. The Bible is FULL of scriptures which tell us that is a false statement. The Lord desires His children to […]

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June 28

A Thought: In Arkansas, we wake up this morning hearing the Ten Commandments monument recently placed on the Capitol grounds was destroyed overnight, and the suspect arrested. As we approach USA’s Independence Day, one of the freedoms we celebrate is the freedom of religion. And as I am a Christian and a child of God, as an American I must […]

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June 27

A Thought: Worth Repeating. Today, don’t just make a living—be a gift! Happy Tuesday! Acts 20:35 “In everything I did, I showed you that by this kind of hard work we must help the weak, remembering the words the Lord Jesus Himself said: β€˜It is more blessed to give than to receive.’ ”

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June 26

A Thought: Vibes and Verbs. It’s amazing to me how influential ‘vibes’ are to you and me. In the presence of someone, most of us pick up on immediately the ‘vibe’ someone is giving. Interest or non-interest; energy or apathy; kindness or rudeness–these are just a few things we sense around others. Verbs or actions of others, also send us […]

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June 25

A Thought: Let’s Go! Today I will begin my 6th year as Senior Pastor of this great congregation known as Asbury United Methodist Church in Little Rock, AR. These past five years have been amazing with new disciples for Christ; new ministries; new staff; and new opportunities before us to make a difference in this world for Jesus Christ. I’m […]

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