May 8

A Thought: What’s Ahead.

We have challenges before us everyday—some known; some unexpected. Yesterday I coughed in the middle of my message delivery to the point I began to choke a bit, and couldn’t breathe. My liturgist, Doug Walker, stepped in for me, got a cough drop, began to carry the message with the Spirit for a few moments, until I recovered. I was able to complete my message with a strong finish. The Spirit was working through us all and enabled the Word to be delivered. Determination is fine, but it is AWESOME when blended within the Spirit and Grace of God! Remember THAT when you are ‘determined’ to do something. Ask God if it is His Will; Listen for His answer; then, step out in Faith and Spirit. It will happen.
Phil.4:13 ” I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.”


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