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May 31

A Thought: A New Day! The sun is up. You are safe. You have your basic needs met, and an energy level to do some work. These are blessings we take for granted, and would be lost without them. So before you waste one single moment wishing you had more; could be more—think about how blessed you already are. God […]

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May 30

A Thought: Where Do You Find Strength? It’s another week—shorter for most due to Memorial Day–but nonetheless, a new week. Strength is needed to finish projects, plow ahead in the work, which sometimes, feels tedious, or perhaps, have the tough conversations. Where do you find the strength? There are several sources: Replenish your spirit through inspiration. Feed your body the […]

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May 28

A Thought: As I sit in the quiet of the morning and say my prayers, I pray for God’s people to worship and praise the Lord for His goodness. I pray in thanksgiving, for the service given by our veterans through the decades. Join me in worship of the Greatest Leader, Jesus Christ, Who has inspired others to hold strong […]

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May 27

A thought: What You See. On our recent trip to Seattle, we visited Chihuly Gardens. Inside the exhibit, this piece caught my eye. What do you see? I immediately saw swans floating among the reeds. You, however, may see something altogether different than my perspective. As God made us uniquely, so shall our views in thoughts and perceptions be unique. […]

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May 26

A Thought: Fridays. For people employed outside the home, Fridays are great for several reasons: 1)You have this one day left in the week to resolve the issue or complete the project; 2) You have this day to plan ahead what will be your priority on Monday( or in this holiday weekend, Tuesday!); and 3) You have the hope of […]

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May 14

A Thought: Unplugged. Sometimes you just need to ‘unplug,’ for a variety of reasons. We can become consumed with social media, especially if you’ve just had an event like a wedding! I love being connected, but just need a little break. So, I’ll be off FB for a bit, returning just in time for you to wish me ‘happy birthday!’ […]

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