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April 17

A Thought: New Life. Yesterday I challenged the congregation to be the “I Am” in this world in honor of Christ’s Gift to us of eternal life and salvation. To do that is to demonstrate the new life we profess we have in Jesus. So today say “I am” the one who will help you; “I am” the one who […]

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April 16

A Thought: ‘He is Risen, Not dead!’ Everything Jesus said to His followers came True. That truth still holds its Promise for those who believe today. Come celebrate His Truth and Resurrection, both of which are Given for YOU! Happy Easter! Rom. 10:9 “If you declare with your mouth, “Jesus is LORD,” and believe in your heart that God raised […]

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April 15

A Thought: Bleakness Turned to Bounty. It was over, or so the World Thought. But, when will the World ever learn? GOD has the Final ‘Say-So,’ and it is in the form of the Eternal, Freeing Love of Jesus Christ. Celebrate that daily with a grateful heart, and pass it on! 1 John 4: 7-8 “Let us love one another, […]

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April 14

A Thought: Finding the Blessings. How often we seek God’s blessings when they are in front of us all the time! After being in our new home for three weeks now, the birds have finally found our feeder. So often we worry how we’re going to handle a problem when the solution is at hand. Pray God will open your […]

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April 13

A Thought: When Things Happen You Don’t Plan. So it was inevitable–stressful weeks in a row equals a sinus infection. Happened AFTER Christmas on vacation week Jan. 1, and now, AFTER the wedding, but unfortunately, DURING Holy Week. So today I’m resting and so very thankful for medication which helps in healing, knowing there are those across the globe who […]

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April 12

A Thought: Sharing. Yesterday a friend wanted to hear about the wedding of our daughter last weekend. Of course, I was delighted to do that. But what struck me was the request was not because they were being nice, but came from a genuine, heartfelt interest. Sharing with another human being should always come from that spirit—not from obligation or […]

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