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April 24

A Thought: Today is Yours! God has given us a new week, and a new day. There will be things that happen over which you have no control. There will be other things that will happen due to your choices. But either way, you are blessed with the power and wisdom of God’s Word to help you through any situation. […]

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April 22

A Thought: Something New. This morning God surprised me with something new. I dab in a little bit of bird-watching. Both my mother and grandmother instilled an appreciation for birds in me at an early age. Gayle Gates Beeson’s mother-in-law, Doris Beeson Faulkner, taught me in third grade all about birds and I’ve been able to identify most Arkansas birds […]

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April 21

A Thought: Another Attack. Another Rescue. An Execution. A Birth. Life is full of Sin, as we commit those sins. Life is full of Mercy and Grace, and God gives those mercies. We are not God, and as flawed people, this is good we are not the Judge. We are tasked as God’s children to search for the lost; seek […]

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April 20

A Thought: Construction. Living in a new neighborhood means there’s going to be construction around you. Right now, there are three homes under construction in our neighborhood and right by us. As a result, we have the debris which may blow in our yard or the street; must watch for a stray nail or two; and of course the noise […]

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April 19

A Thought: The Fog. It’s interesting–the only thing that clears up the fog outside is sunlight and heat. If you’re feeling a bit ‘foggy’ in your thinking, decision-making, or just life in general, it may be time to ‘fire-up’ your prayer life by the Son’s Light to clear your heart and head again! Like I said, just a thought… John […]

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April 18

A Thought: God’s Word is Sufficient. There’s no need to expound; no need for commentary. These scriptures are treasures I offer you today. Open them and claim the power and hope you need for today. Have a Blessed and Terrific Tuesday!

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