April 3

3A Thought: STAY ON TRACK!

So in continuance of celebrating Kara Hilliard and Clay Willis on wedding week, I want to share with the world that Kara has learned how to ‘stay on track’–be focused, if you will. But it was not always that way. About 25 years ago when the girls were very young, we ventured over to Six Flags over Texas for a quick little “va-cay.” We let Kara drive one of the model-T’s on track. I believe Tony was with her. She promptly got it OFF track–no injuries, thank goodness! Years later, when she was a preteen, I was Senior Pastor at Maumelle and we built a home on the tenth T-Box of the Country Club of Arkansas. We let Kara drive her Grandaddy Hilliard in the golf cart, and you guessed it–she got it off the golf path. That was a bit scarier. She now drives all over Arkansas for her company, and I am proud to say: NO WRECKS! She has definitely learned to ‘Stay on Track.’ ( And that makes Clay and all of us,VERY happy!). Today as we begin a new week, what do you find about which you need to ‘stay on track?’ In our faith, the Word and Prayer are about the best resources I know of to do that for you. Have a good one, everyone!

“Hold fast to your faith.” Hebrews 10:23

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