April 25

25A Thought: Glee.
I have to say, I LOVE this picture of my daughter, Kate, and me taken on our trip to California in 2004. We are on the beach at Carmel, which is always a tad cooler, comparatively to the region around it. You would have to know, being firstborn, moving numerous times (due to my work) in childhood, having a mother in a non-traditional role in communities where this was challenging; Kate and I had our struggles. I couldn’t do a lot to change the situation, nor could she, therefore, the struggle. I could not be prouder or feel closer to her, as she has astounded me with her discernment, and endless abilities. She has often mentioned she grew to appreciate the many friendships and the strength she gained from being”a preacher’s kid”–even a daughter of someone who broke fairly new ground in 1979. Moments of glee are important to help balance life’s difficulties. Capture them as you will–in memory, heart or photo. And be grateful even in the struggle, knowing it can heighten to great joy later.

Ps. 28:7 “My heart leaps for joy, and with my song I praise him. “


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