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April 30

A Thought: When We All Pray Together. Won’t you consider coming to worship this day and pray together for those affected by the storms and flooding? There is power in the strength of others besides self praying for others. Blessings always follow. Prayers always stimulate action. Our spirits are lifted to inspire us to acts of goodness. So let us […]

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April 29

A Thought: Timing. At some point, we just have to submit to God and trust He has a plan for you, just as you have a purpose. But sometimes we also realize what we thought was a part of our purpose and thus, a part of His plan, was never meant to be—that it’s not a matter of timing at […]

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April 28

A Thought: We have a choice—to offer a tone of harshness, or offer a tone of Grace. It’s that simple. MOST people do not go about their day thinking of ways to make others feel uncomfortable or some other negative feeling. Most People go about their day focused on their tasks; their needs. Whatever your focus, live with a positive […]

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April 27

A Thought: When you feel unloved, unworthy, perhaps, less than special, straighten your crown! The great thing about crowns is they have jewels which reflect light! When you have Christ, you have the Light, even when your crown topples a bit! “Be faithful unto death, and I will give you the crown of life.” 2 Timothy 4:8 Have a glorious […]

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April 26

A Thought: Art in Life. I REALLY like this picture. I like birds, but it’s the profusion of color that appeals to me the most. As we go through this Wednesday, put on your ‘lens of appreciation,’ and view God’s world around you as a canvas full of colors, textures, depth, and images. Especially in the season of Spring, the […]

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April 25

A Thought: Glee. I have to say, I LOVE this picture of my daughter, Kate, and me taken on our trip to California in 2004. We are on the beach at Carmel, which is always a tad cooler, comparatively to the region around it. You would have to know, being firstborn, moving numerous times (due to my work) in childhood, […]

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