March 27

A Thought: God is in the”move-ment.”

If you’ve ever moved, you know it takes patience; focus; energy; and fortitude, and lots of prayer that God will work it all out. Romans 8:28. But as a United Methodist preacher, the Sunday after a move is a little scary: “Will I make sense?”( being exhausted);
“Will I have the energy and passion that I want to convey to get God’s Word delivered?”
You get it. So, I was in my office between services, going over my notes, not feeling very confident. Then, I prayed for the Holy Spirit to take over. When I got up to preach, half of what came out of my mouth was not on my notes(ask Tony Hilliard and Cara Chapman, who were at the video/soundboard). The Spirit fed my soul and I was able to deliver what I believe God intended the message to be that day. On this Monday, as we all begin a new week, take your cares to God, and BELIEVE the Holy Spirit will deliver you!

Romans 8:28 ” All things work together for Good for those who love the Lord and are called according to His purpose.”

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