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March 31

A Thought: Your Moment. I LOVE the story of Esther in the Bible. It’s a story of a woman’s beauty; a king being smitten; a helpful relative and a conniving palace employee, whose shannanigans backfires! She is a hero in saving her people and does so at the risk of her marriage and her life. “For THAT moment she was […]

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March 30

A Thought: Signs of Renewal. This is my view out my window. It makes me happy to see the fresh, tender green leaves shooting forth from the trees in the woods. As a Christian, I need to be aware of how my faith is being renewed daily, and what I may need to do to nurture its growth. What will […]

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March 29

A Thought: Preparing to Dance. As a lifelong Methodist, dancing was not only allowed, but encouraged and celebrated. King David danced before the Ark of the Covenant (the Law) upon its safe return from the enemy as an expression of gratitude. When I am excited and/or grateful about something I break into a dance. So today if you see me […]

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March 28

A Thought: Day Breaking. The sun and clouds are peeking through the trees as I look out our window this morning, teasing me with the possibilities of a new day. There is the internet to be set up today; dry cleaning to pick up; a few more boxes to unpack; the wedding message to prepare and that’s just on the […]

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March 27

A Thought: God is in the”move-ment.” If you’ve ever moved, you know it takes patience; focus; energy; and fortitude, and lots of prayer that God will work it all out. Romans 8:28. But as a United Methodist preacher, the Sunday after a move is a little scary: “Will I make sense?”( being exhausted); “Will I have the energy and passion […]

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March 24

A Thought: Knowing Where To Start and When to Stop. Whether unpacking your personal possessions or ‘unpacking’ Life each day, it’s important to know where to start and when to stop or rest. So ask the Lord in prayer for the Holy Spirit to give you that direction for both. Have a great Friday! Isaiah 55:6-7 “Seek the Lord while […]

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