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February 8

A Thought: Sharing Thoughts. Today I’m sharing a couple of thoughts which are good reminders to us all whether we are in the ‘valley’ or ‘on the mountain.’ Wherever you are right now, remember God is with you, behind you, and ahead of you, lending support, protection, and mercy! “Never will I leave you; never will I forsake you.” Heb. […]

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February 7

 A Thought: Giving and Receiving Grace. Every single day there is opportunity to give grace. Because everyone is flawed, a word will be misspoken; misconstrued; misunderstood. Because everyone is flawed, a word can be received with gratitude because we need encouragement; understanding; compassion. So, the level which we live a joyful life is dependent upon the degree of GRACE which […]

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February 6

A Thought: In a Blink. We’ve all heard the expression, “Don’t blink, or you’ll miss it!,” usually referring to something deemed insignificant. But, really to “blink” our eyes is to moisten them, creating more clarity to one’s sight. So, to blink can create change. Things are looking more promising concerning our prospective sale of our home and our move to […]

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February 5

A Thought: Driving in the Mist. It’s misty outside on our way to worship, and I’m thankful. I’m thankful for the refreshment, knowing others live in a parched environment. I’m thankful to our God who supplies more blessings than I can count. And I’m thankful for Christ who inspires me each day! Come, Holy Spirit come! “This is the day […]

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February 4

A Thought: Wishing Vs. Hope. While In this “winter that wasn’t” is going on and I wish for a pretty snowfall, I’m hoping for a winter without ice, accidents, frigid temps confronting the homeless. It’s an inner conflict we face with what we wish for vs. that which we hope. Our wishes are most often selfish and self-centered. Hope has […]

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February 3

A Thought: Look up! I love this picture taken from the photographer’s perspective of looking up. How often do we miss something special from God because we failed to look up? While it is important to look down occasionally( like in spring walking the woods to avoid snakes!), and important to look ahead, to avoid obstacles, it is equally important […]

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