January 25

A Thought: Awakening.

Awakening came early this morning. Events from numerous areas of my life have converged all at once: Work; our Home; and THE Wedding. But, it’s all change. It’s all promising. It’s…life. But because God has supplied me with THE BEST church leadership, congregation, daughters, husband and best friend one could ever want, I am not alone in these events, nor overwhelmed. If you find yourself in the middle of a lot of “stuff” at once, open yourself up to seeking counsel, guidance and real help. People usually do not want to meddle in your business, but if you seek out persons with whom you TRUST, you will be blessed. Then, when you can, turn around and offer THEM encouragement and assistance. God has taken us safely through the night and presented us with the Gift of a new day! Rejoice in that! Live That! And begin your day in confidence and thanksgiving!

Phil. 4:4 ” In all circumstances, rejoice!”

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