January 11

11A Thought: This is the verse I gave my daughters almost 20 years ago when we hosted a Junior High Bible study in our home.

As teens, they had lots of things they wanted and lots of things they hoped to do. They were in challenging years: peer pressure; more difficult academics than before; and at the time, our family was juggling health issues with aging grandparents; Tony gone all week to graduate school in TX; church struggles in power and finance; and busy schedules of after school activities. It was a trying time.
But, the one thing that kept us steady was the Promises in God’s Word. This particular promise in Psalms I taught my daughters, and as they have been given their life mates; are successful in business; have a super network of friends; and the blessing of Laine Austin— I believe they have witnessed this scripture fulfilled!

Have a blessed Wednesday, everyone!

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