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January 31

A Thought: It Doesn’t All Go Well at Once. There’s a line in the movie, ” The Devil Wore Prada,” when Nigel tells Andi, “Let me know when your personal life is about to go down the tubes, because that’s when you’ll get a promotion.” It would be great if all areas of our life went in the same positive […]

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January 30

A Thought: Why We Do What We do. Many of us awaken today preparing to go do our work. Our work/jobs are opportunities to improve things in our workplace; with the people we work with and for; and the world.But if you don’t enjoy what you do, you will not be content. If you don’t feel challenged to make things […]

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January 29

A Thought: I’m excited. I’m excited today because: I get to worship in the Presence of the Lord and His Holy Spirit; To Give my Tithe; To hear beautiful music; To pray for others who need comfort and strength; To worship with my church family. Yes, it’s a good day. It’s a Holy Day. It’s a GREAT day! Make it […]

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January 28

A Thought: Oh, My! A little over two months to go, and my daughter and son-in-law-to-be will have a lifelong dream come true—to find someone special to share this journey and gift called Life. We feel so blessed, and every day we do a little something to prepare for their big day. I believe God not only wants us to […]

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January 27

A Thought: Where You Are. If you’re in a good place right now, celebrate. If you’re in a tough spot, hang in there. If you’re in a boring lull, don’t worry—life has a way of shaking things up! But, above all, Pray to God, Listen to His Spirit, and Be Thankful! Psalm 100 “Enter into His gates with Thanksgiving and […]

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January 26

A Thought: Special Moments. As I ‘mature,’ I find myself savoring each day’s special moments: Shopping with my younger daughter for her wedding trousseau; thanking the computer ‘geek’ for fixing my computer; visiting with a staff prospect; giving hubby a hug; saying prayers for members in need—and that was just yesterday! I had a choice to focus on the negative […]

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