December 9

9A Thought: The Anticipation with Peace.
I love my quiet moments—especially this time of year. I pour my cup of coffee, curl up with a blanket, and turn on the lights of our big ol’ Christmas tree, and breathe in my gratitude for being so blessed. As I sit here in the quiet(Mr. Hilliard is still recovering from yesterday’s early duck hunt, with a little more beauty sleep), I look forward to the glimpses of peace in this world I will challenge myself to see today: the smiles on my friends’ faces; the kind person who will allow me to merge into traffic; the quiet of a winter’s morning wakening; the ‘thank you’ from the Salvation Army ringer when I drop a dollar bill into the little red bucket; and the cinnamon fragrance I’ll breathe in from the candles I burn this season. I will choose to focus on those moments, rather than those points of human behavior which disappoints us. Today I will practice that kind of heartfelt peace which comes from “thinking upon whatever is pure, honorable, just and loving(Philippians 4). So on this Friday, I hope you will experience an ‘Angel of Peace’ visiting upon your day. God Bless You All!

Heb. 12:14 “Make every effort to live in peace with everyone and to be holy; without holiness no one will see the Lord.”

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