December 20

A Thought: “Love one Another.”

This time of year evokes within all of us the need to love one another. People are hungry for food and hungry for love. People are hurting over loss and over love. People are concerned by fear and afraid of love. As we celebrate Christ in Christmas, we have the ultimate example of love in Jesus. So today reach out to someone who needs an expression of Love. They are there all around you–at work; in your church; and in your home. Jesus told us it’s easy to love those whom we love—but the unlovely; or the hurting and the isolated and the infuriating are more difficult to love. And yet, it is your gesture of love that may just melt their heart; change their heart; fill their hearts with God’s love that you give them.

1 John 4 “Beloved let us love one another.”

Have a LOVE-LY Tuesday!

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