Report from 2016 Charge Conference



Greetings in our Lord Jesus Christ!

My fifth year at Asbury UMC has continued to enrich my life!  With the Conference emphasis on “Revive and Renew,” we have engaged in some wonderful steps to bring ‘revival’ to our church:

  • We began the year with preaching the revival ‘themes’ proposed by Bishop Mueller in January of this year. We had good response to this.
  • We intentionally highlighted “200,000 Reasons” and had September 18, 2016 as the Sunday for that mission focus. We began a food pantry collection, and that ministry began in October, which now has  a pantry full of non-perishables and toiletries for those in need.
  • We continue our mission to children in West Little Rock by adding an additional infant room, following construction to meet DHS regulations.

This took about $18,000 in revenue from our church to do this, but it again, has increased a vital ministry for Christian Childhood Care and Education in our area.  We are proud to be one of the best pre-schools in Little Rock, and are in the ‘Better Beginnings’ excellence program.

  • We also dedicated September 11 as the Sunday for highlighting adoptive families, with a speaker from ‘The Call.’ Asbury has many families who have been blessed by their adopted children through this organization.  They were recognized on this day.
  • In July, we began a new church bus campaign. It is completely paid!
  • Our 2nd Annual ‘Hog on the Hill’ event reached almost twice as many people as last year’s event. It was a huge success, and raised over $8000 for Shared Ministries, giving a tithe of that to the mission, “The Call.” The outreach to the community was overwhelming and exciting.
  • Our ministry to the Indian community continues to expand with our hosting a language class for the calendar year. Several of these vital Asbury members of our church enrich our church by serving major committees, increasing diversity in church leadership.
  • Classes on Prophets and UM Beliefs were offered this fall.
  • We continue to gain many new young families, and baptize lots of children each year! What a blessing!

We give God all the thanks and praise that 2016 has been a year to increase kingdom work through Asbury UMC!


Pastor Mary

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