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Youth Shirt Sales!

Asbury UMC Youth Fundraiser! Order Shirts here! Short Sleeve T-ShirtYouth Small $15.00 USDYouth Medium $15.00 USDYouth Large $15.00 USDAdult Small $15.00 USDAdult Medium $15.00 USDAdult Large $15.00 USDAdult XL $15.00 USDAdult 2X $17.00 USDAdult 3X $18.00 USD Long-Sleeve T-Shirt Youth Small $20.00 USDYouth Medium $20.00 USDYouth Large $20.00 USDAdult Small $20.00 USDAdult Medium $20.00 USDAdult Large $20.00 USDAdult XL $20.00 […]

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November 5

A Thought: What will make this day stand out from all the rest? Will it be a thought of inspiration you rush to write down and vow to remember? Will it be that phone call you finally make or that friendly visit to a neighbor you have been putting off? The possibilities are endless as to the prospects of the […]

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November 4

A Thought: How can I help you? That question is often asked of us by receptionists, health professionals, etc… God also asks that question of us when we pray. Today be aware of simple ways to help another. It is in helping others we experience the gratitude of all the help our Lord and others give us EVERY day! Be […]

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November 3

A Thought:Determine to involve your faith today! Jesus heartily met the snotty-nosed child; the deformed; the drunk; the penniless; and the promiscuously ostracized. He wasn’t worried about associating with these persons any more than the religious or economic elite. Today you will come across all kinds of people. Will you adjust your radar according to who they are or what […]

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November 2

A Thought: Obscurity. Do you see it? Hidden in the woods–look closely and you’ll see a beautiful cabin. Everyday we rush through the hours focused or distracted by something. When we do that, we may miss blessings God has right in front of us, but our agenda has obscured them into oblivion. Today, may our eyes discover a blessing God […]

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November 1

A Thought: Heaven. All Saints’ Day is today and we remember those who have gone on before us. We miss them; mourn them; remember them with both longing to see them again, while being thankful their earthly struggles are over, as they enjoy peace and joy in the Glory of the Lord. Today find time to say a prayer of […]

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