November 26

26A Thought: Multi-tasking.
Little one has learned how important cell phones are to our lives. So at almost 19 mos., she is ‘talking’ to Elmo with her right hand(through the tv remote); about to answer the other ‘line’ with the remote in the left hand; while watching cartoons on the tv, and drinking milk from her sippy cup. Children are watching, learning, and absorbing from us all the time. Wonderful, yet a reminder to practice caution what we are teaching them from our behavior. While I don’t think she is “damaged for life,” this pic reminded me to make sure we teach her the importance of giving our attention as we should. On this Saturday, as you no doubt will multi-task, don’t forget to begin this day in prayer and praise to God for this day. That would be GREAT multi-tasking!

Psalm 8 ” O Lord, our Lord, How majestic is your name in all the earth!


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