November 23

23A Thought: Continuing the Thanks.
I celebrate the seasons today. Our daughter, Kate, lived in Newport Beach, CA several years ago. When she came home at Christmas, she said she loved living right off the beach, but missed not only family, but experiencing ‘seasons.’ I believe most of us look forward to winter, spring, summer and autumn. God has designed Creation to support the life cycle of plants through the natural process provided by the seasonal changes. Today we are enjoying a much needed rain. To the west and far north of us there is snow. To the southeast, they are needing rain. Something we take for granted or become annoyed by because of the weather conditions or allergies they sometimes aggravate, I celebrate because God created each of them for their purpose which supports life…our lives. Enjoy this season. Prepare for the changes it may bring, and celebrate your life today by giving thanks to God. Happy Thanksgiving Eve!
Eccles. 3 “For everything there is a season and for every matter unto heaven.”


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