November 22

22A Thought: Giving Thanks for the Blessings of the Church.
It wasn’t my idea. I didn’t wake up one day three decades ago and say, “Gee, what a novel idea—I think I’ll be a woman preacher in conservative Arkansas.” NOT! I moved forward in faith with a fair amount of kicking and screaming involved. But what a journey it has been! God has allowed me to be used by Him to be involved in the lives of all kinds of people, in all kinds of missions, and in all kinds of situations. People have allowed me the privilege of ministering in their most intimate, emotional moments—their weddings; baptisms of their precious babies; praying before difficult surgeries; and burying their most treasured loved ones. The joy of seeing someone draw closer to God through the Gospel delivered; a worship sacrament administered; or a heart-to-heart conversation; is beyond description, and extremely humbling. So, this day I give thanks to God for His Church established through His Son, Jesus. I give thanks to serve the fabulous Asbury UMC as their Sr. Pastor. May God continue to use me to help others in some way, and may the Church become more and more relevant to the lives of all people.
Ephes.5:25 ” Christ loved the church and gave Himself up for her.”


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