November 17

17A Thought: Ready to go!
This tractor has been essential to taking good care of our property. It has also hosted a hayride or two. Necessity urged me to learn how to drive it(even though I had never driven a shift in my life!) so I could bush hog the larger swaths of land.
Yesterday I observed several situations where preparation had been fulfilled and ‘it was time to go!’ My power point for Sunday‘s message; a conversation leading to a task being completed; and the most important of the day: a visit with a friend of 23 years, who is preparing to meet his Maker, as his body is terminal, but his spirit is eternal. He spoke of having things settled with his Lord, and he said it was all good. I know he speaks the Truth. Today, what do you need to do to release a burden or care so that it is ‘ready to go?’

John 14: ” Peace I give you … Not as the world gives, but as I give.”

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