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October 5

A Thought: God’s Gifts. Over ten years ago I met this lady on the heels of my own mother’s death. She immediately extended extravagant kindness to me. Today, I will preach her funeral service. While I am really sad and weary of burying my friends, I am so honored and humbled to do this one final act of kindness for […]

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October 4

A Thought: Flex Your Faith! You just don’t know what’s going to happen today—you think you do, but anything can happen, right? We believe we are going to arrive safely where we’re going; be safe and productive at work; feeling well all day—but anything can happen and change, any and all of that, and more. What do we do–function in […]

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October 3

A Thought: Keep in mind… Some things last week either didn’t get done; didn’t go as planned; or simply were challenging. Today is the beginning of a new week to get it right; make things happen; apply lessons learned and make it better. Jesus evaluated everything through the lens of Truth found in God’s Word. When He was extremely hungry […]

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October 2

A Thought: I love this Sunday in the Christian calendar, as I think about Christians all over the world remembering what Jesus did for them, as they eat the bread and drink the juuce of the vine. I imagine people being welcomed off the street coming in and kneeling in communion alongside the wealthiest; two members of the church at […]

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October 1

A Thought: Daily Bread. When Jesus taught us to pray, “Give us our daily bread…” He wasn’t just referring to physical food, but also to the Word, the ‘Manna from Heaven,’ (God’s Message); and also, to Jesus, who called Himself, the ‘Bread of Life.’ Tomorrow, on World Communion Sunday, as we break bread together, we will also feast on the […]

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