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October 13

A Thought: Repeating my post from last year, because 35 years ago a true Saint was released to Jesus to live in her heavenly home and join a great reunion of the saints. Thank you, Martha Frances Taylor Dedman–what a legacy you have left for me to strive to live up to each day! Phil. 4:4-7 was her favorite text. […]

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October 12

A Thought: Ps. 28:7 “The LORD is my strength and my shield; my heart trusts in Him, and He helps me.” Happy Wednesday!

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October 11

A Thought: WORRY! Something happens to you which you are totally unprepared to handle. Your emotions are thrown into a tailspin, and your mind is in a fog as to the best solution to resolve this crisis. Every one of us have had a moment like this–a loved one is struck by illness or accident; a sudden death; a jolt […]

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October 10

A Thought: Focus on What’s In Front of You. Today you have important things on your mind, and important things to do. And God has provided a beautiful day in which to do them. Find a moment to lift a prayer for His guidance; find a moment to give thanks; and find a moment to do something and say something […]

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October 9

A Thought: Seize the Moment! So on this Children’s Sabbath, after lunch,Tony and I saw a one-legged man wheeling himself in his wheelchair up the steep sidewalk of Bowman Rd in LR, as we were two lanes of traffic over. I said, “That breaks my heart.” Tony said, “I know.” I told him, “We have to turn around and help […]

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October 7

A Thought: Seeking Serenity. As I lift up my prayers for those who are dealing directly with the hurricane, I am mindful their experience is anything but serene. But I am prayerful they will experience powerful moments of faith, help, compassion and God’s Presence through the storm. Today, you may be experiencing your own personal storm of a different kind. […]

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