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October 19

A Thought: God’s Beauty. God’s Beauty is all around us. This is a pic I took on my morning walk last weekend from Big Cedar Lodge. When problems seem to be drawing all your attention and draining all your mental and physical energy, focusing on the blessings and beauty given by God can truly revive your spirit and renew and […]

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October 18

A Thought: Maybe you’re still tired after your night’s sleep. Problems kept you awake. Restlessness settled in. Husband snored! But the day is here, and there’s work to be done. How do you renew your strength? Focus on the Lord. He will never fail you nor forsake you. Jesus said, “Apart from Me you can do nothing.” Christ was telling […]

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October 17

A Thought: Mondays. Sometimes we approach Mondays with dread because what wasn’t completed on Friday awaits us to finish today. Other times it represents another week doing the same thing all over again. OR Monday represents a fresh start to work with a better attitude; a hopeful mindset; a determined heart and a new energy. This bitmoji is offered as […]

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October 16

A Thought: Things WILL work out, so go ahead and thank God Now for what He is doing for your situation. Rejoice on His day!

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October 15

A Thought: Be Someone’s Hero. As a kid, Saturdays were always about cartoons. One of my favorite shows was Batman(I always wanted to be “Bat Girl!”) I even created a “bat cave” with an old plastic shower curtain over my swing set. Ah… The imagination! I was going to save the Love Addition neighborhood of the great danger they were […]

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October 14

A Thought: When Things Fall. Sometimes things fall in order to make room for new things to come. For instance, sometimes our fears keep us from initiating much needed change. It is in those times our Creator enables the possibility of the needed change to occur. Would you be aware of the way opening if the Lord provided it? Ecclesiastes […]

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